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Products Highlights
Fully Integrated system

Fully integrated system covering all lab sections: biochemistry hematology, urinalysis, serology, microbiology, cytology, pathology, and interfaces to your blood bank of choice.

In addition, our system

In addition, our system provides inter-application browsing capability.

Scalable flexible systems

Scalable flexible systems for a single facility or multiple sites, and suiting the needs for all laboratory sizes (with proven volumes up to 50,000 patient orders a day or more).

Customer customizable dictionary
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Customer customizable dictionary in an unlimited number of languages.

Ordering process

Ordering process includes the capability of managing standing orders, specimen handling, specimens to follow, automated multi-lab specimen routing, and inter-lab/multi-lab management.

Medical technician system interface
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Medical technician system interface on a single screen facilitates installation and training.

Tool for Professional validation

Tool for professional validation and electronic signature.

Connectivity to hundreds of analysers

Connectivity to hundreds of analyzers.
For a complete list, consult Data Innovations’ website:

Extensive use of barcodes

Extensive use of barcodes to speed up the data entry and resulting process.

Protocols available for all types of interfaces

Protocols available for all types of interfaces (HL7, Xml, etc.)
Electronic Data Interchange and interface capability for the purposes of electronic results in and out, Orders in, billing systems, blood bank systems, ADT/ HIS systems in and out.

Quality Control via an interface

Quality Control via an interface with Unity Real Time
by Bio-Rad:    www.bio-rad.com

WEB Results management capability

WEB Results management capability.

WEB Orders

WEB Orders.

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