Data Innovations’ middleware, Instrument Manager, integrates to OMNI-Lab

Data Innovations is the world leader in instrument interfacing, regardless of the discipline! Its middleware, Instrument Manager, allows instruments to continue the analysis and production of results even if the LIS is under maintenance. An example of the middleware's proven ability to process large volumes includes one of its customers in the United States who uses it to process more than 3 million tests (or more than 220,000 specimens) in 10 hours with a single server. Ultimately, you will be receiving the best middleware in the field.

Bio-Rad offers Unity Real Time, a Quality Control Management System integrated to OMNI-Lab, providing advanced functionalities (optional)

For over 30 years, Bio-Rad has been at the forefront in the development of quality control systems for medical laboratories around the world. The company proudly offers a range of products that promote the effectiveness of quality tests and analyses as well as progress in clinical laboratories.

Strict QC Data Management:

Using advanced technologies and effective information management, Bio-Rad is by far the best provider in terms of connectivity solutions and powerful tools, enabling laboratories to ensure the reliability of their analysis systems.


Omni-Assistant by Omnitech Health is a laboratory optimization and compliance management software which perfectly complements the OMNI-Lab LIS (optional)

Omnitech Health is essential for laboratory compliance management. In North America, more than 100,000 healthcare professionals use its electronic compliance solution.

Omni-Assistant allows you to stay compliant with the following standards: ISO 9001; ISO 15189; ISO 17025; ISO 13485; ISO 22000; ASHI; HACCP; LEAN SIX SIGMA; AAHRPP; AGRÉMENT CANADA; IQMH; CLIA; AABB; FDA; CAP; AAVLD; NYSDOH; MAJOR HAZARD FACILITY; and many more!

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